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Realook Mirror Screen Protector Screen Film

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Mirror film is a practical item that can be used as a mirror of the common screen. With mirror feature for protection film, can use it whenever and wherever. so very convenient.

When the screen turned on is can used by protection film, and screen turned off is can used the mirror.

Realook giving idisputable performance
- Perfect details are the basic. Indisputable performance.

Change the mind, then can see the speciality.
- Realook's protection films manufactured with 3D scanning to fit perfectly to your equipment, will protect your valuable equipments and appliances

Up to the brightness of the screen The middle of the screen brightness

Please adjust the brightness of the screen when using mirror film.
- When attaching the LCD mirror film, if the brightness is low, you may face day use.
Please use the mirror film is used as the maximum brightness.

  • Convenience and portability with Realook.
    - With mirror feature on your protection film, you can use it whenever and wherever you want.
  • Feel the difference with Realook.
    - Uniquely designed for female users, this film can be used as a mirror.

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